Ekslibristika (from Latin ex libris meaning from books) is book-plates (book signs) collecting. Artistically made tag, vignette with the owner's name, glued on the internal side of a book binding or cover, had been widely spread with the beginning of book-printing. In Russia the first book-plates appeared at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Nowadays the most popular are plot book-plates representing images of landscape, architectural motives, different emblems with symbolic narrative (information) about tastes and profession of the book's owner. The history of collecting and studying of book-plates goes back into the distant past. World-known artists such as A. Durer, H. Holbein, M. Vrubel, V. Vasnetsov and many others have also been working at the creation of book signs. Clubs and sections of book collectors are working in many different parts of the country.