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Do you collect miniature vials, postage stamps or beer tops? Sugar packages? Do you own any valuable antique collection? Are you probably a girl, collecting her fellows broken hearts? :) Is it anything different but very valuable for you? Then you are one of us, you are a collector. And this service is created specially for you!

Lagid is a social network of collectors created for you and your comfort to view, systematize, exchange and add new copies to the collection. By means of this service you will be able:

  • To show the collections to the whole world or your friends only
  • To search friends, like-minded persons, communicate with them
  • To comment on the objects and collections of other users
  • To follow the novelties in the collections of your friends or to boast about your own
  • To exchange the articles of collecting
  • And many others

All types of collecting are divided into categories, due to which you can easily search like-minded persons collecting the same objects as you do. To look over those collections and objects you are interested in. To search objects displayed for exchange or sale by other users or friends.

Your help

The administration of the project tries to make your stay on the site more comfortable in every way. The project is constantly developing, therefore we will be glad to hear all your wishes, remarks, suggestions on the improvement or ideas for new functional through contact form. Thus, you can greatly contribute to the development of the project, making it more comfortable for you and your friends.