Frequently asked questions

The type of collecting I need is missing.

Use contact form, specifying the theme of the report "Missing type of collection", leave a short description of this type of collecting and send us a message. In no time we will add it to the site.

What are tags and how to use them?

Tag is a set of keywords for collections and objects which allow you and other users of the site to find necessary information quickly.

It can be both one word or a word combination . Tags must carry summarizing information but not unique. If you enter a tag "Whisky of Johnie Walker", it will be a unique name. In order to enable he user to find all whisky the tag "Whisky" needs to be given to these objects, it means the tag "Whisky" is here more summarizing.

For example, you have a stamp collection. There are a lot of stamps of different countries and years of issue in the collection. Now you want to see only the stamps of 1967 year of issue. For this purpose you have to click on the tag "1967" and you will be shown only those brands which are marked with a tag "1967". And, if you search the brands of a certain country, Cuba, for example, you must use a proper tag.

Tags example

How to format a text on a site?

You have a possibility to format descriptions of objects and collections, comments and other information. For example, two line breaks divide the text into paragraphs. In addition, taking advantage of special constructions or simply utillizing a bar of tools above the field for text entering, the additional formatting for the text can be added.

Text formating example

Select the text you want to format and press a proper button on the toolbar:

  • Bold text button — Bold text
  • Strikethrough text button — Strikethrough text
  • Link button — Link
  • Quoted text button — Quoted text (accessible only in comments)
  • Cleanup tags button — Cleanup tags (clears the selected text from all tags)